Month: January 2001

SuperBrent Party – Jan 28, 2001 Austin Morning – Jan 2001 You Tube is another website where you can watch internet television. Usually on You Tube the television shows play in clips, but you may be able to find entire

Fun last night at Helen’s 29th birthday party, Evan, Jeff, Julia, Cathy, looking great, at Kay Jones’ house in Travis Heights. talked to Phil for a while and Jeff… more today at Mike and Liz’s SuperBrent party.Caught the second set

I’m feeling a little better this morning after yoga – had a few glasses of wine at Jennifer Olsen’s birthday party at her aprtment on out Enfield. Eileen was there, Patricia and Kit, Brian Hollingsworth, the “young” set from work.

Still did not write email to Matt Gale, Nick Halliwell… maybe you guys will read it all here anyway! Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM): XOM is a very long term position. In 2008, just Cheap MLB Jerseys over 5M shares were purchased

Wait there is more: Neti called this afternoon. She and bart have been in the studio for three days in Austin and are leaving town. But she talked about Mardi Gras and the possible arrival of Elliett and folks. She

A busy week dealing with computer failures and lots of meetings and other stuff. Work consumes most of my time. But after the Dispatch crash we manages to get all the data back the whole budget side seems okay so

Another dark, wet and cold day in Austin. Spoke to Anna and Dad today who said it has been cold and clear and beautiful in England. Read Anna’s piece in the Sunday Times about getting pregnant with Sean, which affected

It has been a busy couple of days at work, as the Dispatch server crashed and tomorrow I have to take the old hard drive to see if the data can be recovered. Boy, I hope so, I do not

I forget the big question – Ken Burns’ Jazz or Ally McBeal. Also forgot to mention getting my picture taken with Gina, Patricia and Libby today by Wyatt at his studio for the February Inside Story. I tried to look

A busy day, it feels like, and a nice relaxing weekend. After “Traffic” on Friday, saw “Cast Away” on Saturday. Another excellent movie. I got fifty bucks from Dad which bought dinner at Borinquen and the movie, and “The Constant