Month: October 2001

Tuesday today – worked late, no yoga, due to posting new issue. Keeping my eye on the prize through some harder days. Not too bad though. What am I trying to say. That despite doing the inner anger kriya, I

Beautiful weather today, after a foggy start that kept me indoors. I was going to get up and photograph flags. Daphne called, upset that I had not contacted her to thank her for the money. I am amazed that it

Sunday morning. Meditation going well, I think, though it is hard to stop the weheel of thought. I feel clearer and more focussed and… happier. Steve Collier’s party last night, rode with Luann. Here is her email of this morning.

Another beautiful day today. Yesterday was blissful, today not quite so. I did get up at five and complete my meditation before going to Melanie’s class, today taught by Seymour. I think gym tonight- I need to sweat! how to

Today, Monday, was Day One of forty days of one meditation as part of daily sadhana, as required by the course. I am going to do the Laya Yoga meditation – Ek Ong Kar-a, Sat-a Nam-a, Siri Wha-a Hey Guru.

Liz’s birthday party last night… the usual suspects. All in good spirits. Two kinds of chocolate cake… right after the Yogic diet class! Giovanni and Sylvia in attendance. Susan Caldwell said she would write me a letter of support. Rode

6 hours of Kundalini mantra in class yesterday. What a beautiful experience. Mehtab asked the class who enjoyed mantra and everybody’s hand went up. He said we were in the right place! We did three yoga sets, the last a

Mimi cut my hair yesterday at Gaitan’s. It had been her birthday the day before. An older Hispanic guy comes to the store, looks down at the threshold. “Where’s the mat.” “It’s at Julio’s,” said Mimi. “You can go there

6:30am with Melinda… Less stressed than last week since I got all my gear together and set the timer to tape West Wing before leaving the house… I hope! Oliver’s 40th birthday party tonight at Opal Divine’s. Leslie is coming