Month: January 2002

Go to bed now! lakers want to move past the kobe bryant eraPerform body weight calf exercises by positioning the balls of your feet on the edge of a step, with your heels in the air. Drop your heels as

forgot to mention running into dd at cafe mundi when going to buy the painting from Merry. had a long interesting talk. “Our police officers died for Black Lives Matter movement,” Rawlings told “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday. “We were

Sat Nam Rasayan last night – Elke was the healer, I was the event. Guru Dev talked very quietly about opening the space, and resistance, and I lay there and Elke laid her hand on my stomach. The Kundalini sleeper

Here’s a great article about “Seinfeld” from Salon. If that ball is too low on a low tee, you might stay down and hit down and hit a slice. If it’s too high, you might stay behind it and hit

I forgot to mention the Paul Begala off-the-record yesterday. Fascinating stuff about how Clinton was obsessed with bin Laden before anyone outside the intelligence community knew about him, and how Clinton lied to him about Lewinsky. 6C) and light adapted

Having a nice calm Saturday morning. Email from dd, chai still on some time, going through finances to find out I can just afford the painting I bought from Merry Parker at Cafe Mundi yesterday. Going by at 6pm to

Henry Cisneros today off the record at TM. Very dashing, charismatic, talking about his mistake (fell in love with a white woman while married) and how it has kept him from public service. Now he is building affordable homes in

Back at work this week. Quiet without Gina and a quiet week. Saw Ben Florey today. 1 overall, like Rams No. 3 QB Jared Goff) to hit the field quickly. It has taken Andy Murray the best part of two