Month: July 2003

From the Guardian – you can get wifi from Brighton Beach. I have been missing England… listening to the Clash on the way to work. The larst gang in town. And, of course, there’s still hope that the four team

More emails… this one from Christina Marie hey charlie nice to hear from you…..and no doubt sophia has written back sooner than me. I did a 180 after solstice and went off to Sodom and Gomorah South Padre Island… drench

It is so lame just to post emails from folks.. but anyway, here is the latest from my Dad Hi Charlie! Good to talk to you yesterday. You sound well – I hope you are. I’ve just returned from delivering

Here are the pics from Solstice. The ones of my friend are my favorites! Palmer strapped a moldy, staid game on his back and gave it new life. He ignited golf’s popularity in the 1960s as he became the sport’s

Today is Day 3 of ‘Conquer Inner Anger and Burn it out’ so I started on Tuesday. It is hard but it seems to be working. As of now… I am doign yoga from 4:30 through 8:30! 2 hours of