Month: May 2004

From the Nasher Sculpture Museum, from the little notice about a plexiglass piece by Naum Gabo… The result is a purified structure that essentially has no mass. It is all light, space, and reflections, all movement and energy. More Rodney

Notes from Rodney Yee workshop, May 21-23, Dallas Swim in the posture. Tension is caused by rigidity or collapse. What is meditation? Not just bliss. Be with the experience. (Answering questions from people who said their legs hurt, or had

Three things, to praphrase Rodney Yee. I’m in Dallas, attending a workshop with Rodney, I’m standing very close to a huge Richard Serra sculpture, so that the oxidised steel plate extends like a cliff above me, and I have scabies.

Luann and I are planning to go to Costa Rica in the fall. Here’s what we might see. While governor of Michigan from 2011 to 2015, Rick Snyder appointed several people to manage the water supply for the city of

The cactus flowers came out for a couple of days, and are already withering. But so beautiful when they are out, very delicate orange color from bright yellow. The mexican hats are bright red and yellow, and the white flowers