Month: February 2005

New York pics are on line. We’ll see what people say. most expensive sports stadium plannedThese celebrities might have Hollywood blockbusters, NBA championships and Calvin Klein campaigns to their names, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten their education. Natalie Portman

Back in Austin and at work and still not nearly 100%. Stayed at home yesterday in bed asleep a lot with Shakespeare. Where is the picture? Sunday in NYC – meeting the Germans in the cafe, the Russion camera dealers

I’m typing this as 3 am in the Milford Hotel. Very wired and awake after a memorable day. So cold in Cental Park this morning taking pics of the Gates which seem good looked at on the TV with Green

Lori(??), Ally, David and Mara with Aadil in Dallas. The workshop was January 21st to 23rd. The folks at Bend Studio are really great! improve your gaming strategies with madden 11 cheats”I used to get laughed at when I said,

Boy, am I irritable these days. I feel like Basil Fawlty all the time. Duo is coming up to take a strong stand in the market overtaking the already established Apps like FaceTime, Skype, Facebook messenger, Viber and whatsapp etc.

Sunday morning very stiff after Praveeta’s treatment yesterday. But no yoga as I have to write my East Texas driving story. That is this rainy morning’s yoga. Monday – wanted to stay in bed all day. Drove to Mary’s class