Month: May 2005

Big Ben stopped ticking on Friday, it seems. Today I talked to dd for nearly an hour and a half, and also to Anna for a while – she told me about the Kew Gardens exhibit and of course, Sean,

Dale Chihuly

Anna told me about the Dale Chihuly installation at Kew Gardens. A picture here and, oh here we go, much more on the Kew site here. I never heard of him, but he is from Tacoma. In Sean’s wallet (he

She is swedish, irish, spanish, mexican, and more. So glad to hear her laugh when we talked this morning. If the smart pitchers know this, and the good coaches know this also, and so why are there not coaching drills

L has been in Marfa, it turns out. brent harvey was a longshot for games recordIt means we don’t take it all the way to the top, we take it partial and we abbreviate the follow through where kind of

Thunder in the distance

Bodychoir this morning – Saw Elke. It was really fun – they play just good music, or maybe it is just transformed in that environment. I really enjoyed moving and dancing. At too much at Casa afterwards, and came home

“I want to learn what pleases you. I want to learn everything about you. Would you let me do that?” dialogue from the Aviator. There are enough nurses and CNAs, providers, lab, etc. To do all the necessary roles in

Ups and … downs

Can’t sleep. Feel like I am staring in to the abyss. A blackness seizes my heart and there’s a terrifying void in my head. I could not even keep the simple promise I made to a friend to not see

Heart Meditation

Since it was recommended in the Tantric Numerology chart, I did the three Meditations for the Heart Center yesterday am, and once again found myself in the thing that happens to me these days when I do Kundalini meditations, which


Oh my am I going to have start writing this stuff in code. Yes, we had dinner, we kissed, it was wonderful, and inevitable.Today, yoga in the morning, yoga at lunch, swimming, I hope, if no thunder this afternoon. We

The constant flow of spontaneous imagination, love and creativity is who you truly are.

My promise to a friend: You will never have to say ‘where have you been?’ What a wonderful conversation we had. She told me to treasure it and I will. She sent me both of our Tantric Numerology charts, and