Month: June 2005

“Your whole self has to personified by you. You have to come to an understanding with yourself. You have to be a friend to yourself. You have to make a compromise with yourself. You have to know who you are,

Good advice. Love everybody. It was a mere statistic, rather than any real change, that had caused some of us to wonder if Melbourne could retain its crown. No team has gone back to back in the NRL since the

Wednesday night

I don’t know that I write can this in code-anyway I am in the bed of a good friend who makes me laugh. I am her angel of love, sex, and happiness, and she is my radiant princess. We figured

This morning (and last night) I felt some lifting of the paralyzing fear and hurt and panic that seemed to be locked into my solar places. Sang Hare Kishna and “Here Comes the Sun” on a beautiful drive to class,

This is really funny. It took three workmen 10 days to cover every square inch of the billiard room with the stuff. Elvis loved to play pool and he was very competitive, as he was in all things. Spend a

Finally, someone who knows what they are doing. Now, that’s a more sophisticated question than it sounds like. Reading a formation is a defensive point of view. In my first season I was still relegated to special teams, I occasionally

Luch at Casa – an I love Austin moment, running into first Roggie, with her daughter, and Nanette, with Gabe and Claudia, her kids, all of whom had graduated from kids’ yoga camp. Saw Kimble at lunch, sitting with a

It is very late I should be in bed, but I am downloading the free Beethoven symphonies from the BBC. What a wonderful thing the Beeb has done here. My friend told me all about the Vedic astrology reading with

Friend survey responses

Liz Fillmore sent this out and my friend passed to me – here are my responses, since this is all about me. Love to all, peace to all, light to all. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING?

Dr Ron

Dr Ron says I am healthy, looks great himself, talking about how he has gone mostly vegetarian. Today is his and Hannah’s anniversary. Lucky, blessed man. We chatted about music, he has a new band with Rob and Conrad and