Month: July 2005

More handstands and pinche mayurasana in class this morning. Forgot to mention that Tuesday we celebrated Mary’s birthday, dancing to ‘Mary’s Place’ and eating Einstein’s bagels and fruit and cookies after class. After lots of hadnstands and pinche mayurasana. “Billy

We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday – excellent, loved Johnny Depp. It definitely reminded me strongly of some aspects of our relationship, me being Charlie Bucket to her Willie Wonka – “Mumbling!” colin kaepernick continues anthem protest thursdayIt’s

7 Money Mantras for a Richer Life by Michelle Singletary is a recent all-purpose financial book. Mantra #1: “If it’s on your ass, it’s not an asset.” If you can wear it, it’s not an investment. Also, something is riding


Bunnies out at the house this morning – drove out there at 6-ish to check up, a little worried after reports of broken flowerpots. Looks like an animal had rampaged a bit, or maybe the wind. Anyway, bunnies did nto

Oh, goodness, I have 4 and a half weeks to write the cycling piece. The Eagles dominated time of possession nearly 2 to 1 by controlling the ball for 38:10.LINE PLAY: The Eagles wholesale jerseys china won the battle on

Busy today – wrote Jana Kay an email saying that I was not going to teach the Marbridge class after September. I feel like a need some recharge time. It’s all getting a little rote. This structural alteration was most

Talked to Dad this morning. He was in fine form. He and Linn had missed my call earlier – they were out in the garden enjoying the warm weather (80 degrees) eating a ham sandwich and some rhubarb fool with

Tofu Oat Burger

Had the tofu oat burger for breakfast and it was delicious. Three big buzzards on the house this morning. Now I fially figured out what the noises are in the morning – buzzards dancing on the roof. I was checking

Wheatsville is offering a whole bunch of organic produce this weekend – nectarines, blueberries, and strawberries. And Tofu Oat Burgers. Bryan Altman, CBS Sports: Patriots. “I think the Patriots hold serve here and win, but by 7.5? That seems straight

Forgot to mention the great Annie Leibovitz exhibition at AMOA. Not too excited by the Willie photo that advertises it – sort of same old iconic Willie, not that is not a great photo. But there are some fantastic pics,