Month: April 2006

Longhorn Cattle Drive

Finally, I put 100 pictures from the Cattle Drive (in March) up on Flickr. Lots of people pics… the best ones are from the day spent working the cattle back at the ranch, since a horse is about the worst

News from home

Talked to both Daphne and my mother today for a while, due to the miracle of Skype. Daphne says has some circulation problems in her leg, and she’s not supposed to garden, but since that is her chief pleasure I

I guess a lot of people got the email from MoveOn, who are making a concerted effort to try and stop the telecom companies from establishing a tiered service, which would undoubtedly relegate non-corporate traffic to a secondary or tertiary


I had my second swim in Deep Eddy at 9am this morning, and really my first of the season, though I did dive in for five minutes on Saturday afternoon after driving back to San Antonio on Sunday afternoon. This


Charly Pivert talked about being heavy in class, and that is how I have been feeling recently, along with stiff and sore, and… old. The traveling to East and West Texas, and the yoga on Saturday and everyting going back


The first song on the iPod this morning was Elvs Costello’s 45. I remember watching him play that song at the Backyard, and being sure in my bones, even at the age of 40 or 41 that I would never

Saturday afternoon

The lady from Presidio called today saying that they were accepting sign-ups for the September Round-up. I’m definitely going to do it, which means that I have to go in to work tomorrow, if only to print out the form

Great Adventures

After the long trip of the weekend before last driving around for the Lakes story, another high mileage week again last week, for Great Adventures. I drove over 1500 miles to west Texas, first to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.