Month: May 2006

cycling, swimming, yoga, prison, and jesus

I found this on Metafilter, an article on Yahoo which says that 1 in every 136 people in America is behind bars. Since I don’t think I know anyone in jail currently, that means that an awful lot of young

the Neches river

I got back yesterday from a quick trip out to East Texas, looking at the Neches river with Gina Donovan, from the Neches River Protection Initiative. Gina’s dad, Richard Donovan, who worked for Temple-Inland for twenty years, and then was

tantra and dance

I am still working my way through Georg Feurstein’s Tantra book, despite having six New Yorkers to read. So much of the stuff we understand as “yoga” is tantra. It follows that as soon as you start regarding the body

friday evening random stuff

some random unrelated stuff for friday evening… great article on ZDNet about Google and the possibility of an end run around the evil telecoms. from moveon, more stuff about the evil telecoms and net neutrality – call your congressman now

sultan’s elephant

I could spend all day reposting stuff from boing-boing, and how original would that be, but this is amazing. “A GIANT mechanical elephant. A GIANT puppet girl. Both, roaming the streets of London. This is amazing. You have to see

ddeeeerrhhoooff and more music

I’m in love with deerhoof and their record from last year, The Runners Four, which combines everything from prog-rock to psychedelia, though I don’t think that younger musicians today hear things in the same way, and don’t categorize like I


Stones deny Richards suffered brain damage.Guitarist ‘continues to improve,’ says statement What, is he practising in hospital? ‘fifa finesse’ inspires southend united striker’s goalMadison Bumgarner, the Giants ace who entered the game with an impressive postseason record of 7 3


I was at San Antonio Yoga out beyond Helotes for the ongoing Anusara Immersion yesterday, which was a all-day talk/lecture by Carlos Pomeda, the renowned tantric scholar and former swami, who recently moved to Austin from Berkeley. We did a

burning apron

a lovely post from the burning apron. Now, our “Closer look,” a shocking lawsuit against the NFL. Former players alleging a stunning deception by the league, team doctors, prescribing powerful painkillers without disclosing the consequences. All to keep injured

neck, drumming for the who, fat old sun

yes, well my neck (right side, if you care) is still really sore from an ill-advised or at least ill-realized (non-aligned, to use the anusara parlance) shoulderstand that I launched myself into at the beginning (and therefore end) of my