Month: June 2006

what to do in salt lake city

I went to the slc lds convention center whcih des not sound like much fun but is well worth seeing, especially as they won’t let you into the temple. slc is like tucson, surrounded by mountains, but much greener than

Salt Lake City

I’m in the Salt Lake Plaza downtown having my “what the &%$@ am I doing here” moment of this vacation. Flew in from Austin via Phoenix… outside the city hums and beeps on a hot overcast afternoon. Driving to Jackson

Town Lake

Went kayaking yesterday on Town Lake in the morning. It’s nice out there before it gets too hot, which is about 8 am! There were rowers, swans, geese, grackles, and of course all those amazing houses along the bluffs on

Darwin’s tortoise dies

Her name was Harriet, and she was 176. She also has to avoid sharp things, which is generally good advice for everyone, but it’s particularly dire for someone whose body is going to throw a big scaly hissy fit at

sheryl, kim, sally, jenni, and others

Jenni is really the odd one out in that list, since I do actually know and love her. Working backwards, I guess, I drove down to the River Run condos in New Braunfels for a Comal run, with Jenni and

Mother’s Day

This is a picture that my mother sent to me of the flowers that I sent to her for Mothers’ Day. She was a little surprised! “No-one’s ever done that for me before,” she said, “I’m not sure we have