Month: July 2006


listening to: new lisa germano – is it as good as liquid pig? i don’t know, i miss the irrestible and heartbreaking swaths of melody that pepper liquid pig. but it is probably great, her songs seem to ask the

more weird weather in the uk

according to anna in the uk, there were flash floods in richmond recently, which has never happened before. A high school football star with a bright futureIn 2002 Brian was a 16 year old Cheap Jerseys high school football star

big bend

every time i go to big bend it is different. this is the amazing view from the south rim towards the rio grande and mexico. hazy but still spectacular. it was actually not as gruelling as i imagined getting up

hot hectic

i got a letter from my aunty daphne in usk talking about the weather and how hot it is in wales. She said the weather was sultry and threatening, which sounds just like texas. as is her wont, she writes

wyoming pics

pictures of my July 4th trip to wyoming are up now… Last week: 2USA TODAYNFL Week 3 overreactions: Were Steelers exposed?2. Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills: As impressive as Sunday’s win against the Arizona Cardinals was, it may ultimately Fake Oakleys

goodbye mary

a gathering at rasa’s house on saturday night to bid formal farewell to our beloved teacher mary as she heads of to massachusetts to continue her investigations into… the love that is within us all… theology… yoga. we wish her

david byrne’s first visit to marfa

Byrne writes about Midland and campfire sessions at the Thunderbird motel. During the 1920s, the Italian energy company, SADE, had a dream: to build a big ass dam in the valley of the Vajont River. It would take decades, and


materazzi must have said someting really nasty to zizou to make him headbutt him like that. we would prefer to remember the amazing player like this… amazing compilation of zizou’s balletic skills set to abba. Although rumors are always circulating

short story snippet

She had not remembered the rowans, mountain ash they called them here. Their dark red bark covered the winter hillsides. She turned her head and looked through the wet glass at a line of hikers, bundles of fleecy Gore-Tex wrapped


being a geek and a follower of trends, i thought i should put a tagcloud on the photography pages. looking around the net, there did not seem to be anyuthing very simple, so here’s some tagcloud code i put together