Month: August 2006

don’t eat microwaved food

FORENSIC RESEARCH DOCUMENTPrepared By: William P. KoppA. R. E. C. Research OperationsTO61-7R10/10-77F05RELEASE PRIORITY: CLASS I ROO1aTen Reasons to Throw out your Microwave OvenFrom the conclusions of the Swiss, Russian and German scientificclinical studies, we can no longer ignore the microwave

good bad

good (real good) – watch thisbad – read this You can add to the ever growing list of shit Cracked can’t believe is real but apparently Replica Oakleys is the “troubled teen rehabilitation industry.” For a fee, a parent can

hippy pappy bthusday, yb

loved the feeling walking into Westgate at 4:30 (uh, am, of course) and the quiet Jap Ji recitation, Seymour’s voice prominent among the crowd. Crashed out probably after 30 or 40 minutes of long ek ong kaars, but it was

house and more

Chris Nowling from Apex came and looked at the house on South 5th today. Roof and foundation fine, but many issues with drainage and electrical, the state of the drains being potentially the most serious. I’m going to have them


i have a signed contract on a house on South 5th, for $200,000. The end of vacations, travel, food… it’s a nice house though. how to create your first web siteBy early 2010 concerns about conflict of interest had grown


The sheep who thinks she is a dog. [BBC]Black gay pride at the beach. [Village Voice photo gallery]God is everywhere. [BBC] how to play goalie in indoor soccerTerrance: Cheap Football Jerseys If you’re not a people person don’t bother and

kim mclagan

Lovely, in the true sense of the word, memorial for Kim McLagan, aka Patsy Kerrigan (her brother Dermot referred to her as Patsy in his eulogy) with all kinds of people, from Bobby and Kate Spinoza, the rancher neighbors, to

south austin

hey a movie of my neighborhood. Further, any attempt to move consumers into the Android ecosystem may limit eyeballs, and valuable eyeballs at that. Apple’s iOS (NASDAQ:AAPL) users spend far more on apps ($0.19 avg.) than Android users ($0.06 avg.).

totp/mom/reconciliation of the dragons

Great article on the Guardian about Top of the Pops – a total Thursday ritual for me during my childhood. I remember Slade, and Dave Hill’s costumes. Havn’t seen the word bogs used for toilets in a long time! I

goodbye kim

my ex-neighbor’s wife was killed in a car wreck at taylor lane and 969, an arkward junction at the end of the road i used to live on. he is ian mclagan and she was a beautiful ex-model who was