Month: October 2006

or stalin, or kim jong il, for example

NBC Refuses Ad for Dixie Chicks Movie (Drudge Report)NBC and The CW Television Network have refused to run a commercial for the Dixie Chicks’ new documentary Shut Up & Sing. NBC told the Weinstein Company’s media agency that the network

gold rings on yer, austin

so said keith, obscurely, at one point in the stones show. he was having a great time, smiling from ear to ear in jumping jack flash. lots of oldies, in fact a lot of the same songs from 30 years

lance, las vegas

photos on flickr from the livestrong ride. andre the handyman is in vegas – “i’m having trouble with some rental properties,” he said, so he can’t come put in the range hood till he gets back. benny, ruben and one

plants, etc

russia is dying… i would hate to be sick over there, but the prospect of all that empty space is appealing. another reminder that there are any number of lives available, some much much harder than others. thank God for

photos photos

finally got the sxsw 2006 photos up on my site: many duplicates with the flickr set that i put up after the conference but some new ones. now there are sxsw photos from 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2006. honestly,

question, long life, bamboo

Dan Savage or Cary Tennis? And how Cubans live long lives, though I think it is the lack of stress and things that flash and beep. Did not go to west texas for the round-up, drove to junction and turned