Month: November 2006

rain and wind

rain rain at 12:45am this morning I woke up… which means that the leaves that cover the deck are now soggy, but still very welcome a proper storm. windy this morning the tree branch that i can’t quite reach to

kula blankets

ocean of the family, says stephen the sanskrit professor, kula means family. the heart, hrdya, is what keeps the family together. quite readable sanskrit, he says of the kularnava tantra. very good twisting forward bend class from christina, who structures

kale music

feeling like michael c. hall in dexter i took my scissors and a flashlight and cut four leaves off one of the three beautiful kale plants i have been nurturing. now, like turkeys, it is time to eat them. i


another great dance this morning. i’m getting to the place where bodychoir is becoming almost essential to my balance and function. i don’t know these people except as fellow dancers but there presence is very comforting. it’s an amazing experience.

dead man walking

tim robbins talking about the guards involved in executions and how we don’t think about them, but i do, how awful and yet how routine it is for them. The nurse who tends to Sister Helen is the same nurse

this is straight out of 1984. even worse are the comments from people who think this is a good idea. i guess you could say that this is for “public safety” rather than to silence political debate, but the idea

run alejandro bodychoir mix

ran (all but a few yards) from south first to mopac and back this morning, the farthest for a long time. a foggy morning, trees pretty in the mist from my deck this am, so i decided it was too

Some pictures from Dad and Linn’s visit. having a productive thanksgiving day working on these pics after yoga and a thanksgiving brunch at casa. yum. five key lessons from the nfl preseason”I told them what I wanted and they were

here’s a pic of my new house in south austin. looks seasidey in pink under the bright fall sun. the new hedge in the front is dwarf holly and ligustrum behind them. He added that they wanted to make sure

julie money hugo

blogging while eating late after a wonderful class from julie subbing for christina that was the church of (hail) mary revisited. lots of melt the heart, how wonderful pose, and tips of the shoulderblades in. how we forget. i had