Month: December 2006

a christmas card from the clintons

other cards: from mum (including articles about Arthur@Uskalot), anna, joan at the mortgage company, lajitas stables, and solstice greetings from john friend, which is very special. also a large package from auntie daphne containing a picture of mallards, which she

england our england

heathrow lost in fog… i think the picture shows the awful misery. on the other hand, at, you can get the queen’s speech as a podcast… and stream the national anthem. The most critical and crucial component of that

hooked, in love, whatever

anna’s program last night to us/me/we to new heights. at first i was tired, almost left, but the music took me and swirled and transformed me/us/them. i am in love with these people as i get to know them slowly


another awesome class with christina – backbends, which really helped my back. In fact, my injury forced me to work more skillfully, with great results. olivia was there.some pics from the farmers market – i like this one a lot.

randomness on a rainy afternoon

stiff-necked (after my dance injury – i love to see people crack up when i explain that my stiff back is due to a dance injury) dancing at casa de luz to lovingly recreated beatles songs (mostly paul) during the

web design, and parties

very funny because true – how web designers spend their time. yy party last night with beautiful food from julia, and then to brian and tracy’s, where I bounced on the trampoline and while the grinch was showing on the

a dance, a smile – a lovely time at bc. I’ve been writing this piece in my head now for weeks. And today I read this. That post was my call to finish this up and publish it. We need

trow on ertegun

george trow, the essayist who died recently, wrote this incredibly long profile of ahmet erteg√ľn that was published in the new yorker in 1978. highlight – keith loses his dog. a great read. how to do a back handspringPeruse means


fascinating interview with robert pirsig. Our case, in keeping with many cases of occult giant cell arteritis, posed diagnostic difficulties. There had been no history of permanent visual loss, and on examination there was no anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy, the

very foggy this morning like northern france – i walked across the town lake bridge and the ducks on the water looked like they floating in a cloud in mid-air. two of the trees by tgi friday’s, which have been