Month: January 2007

hugo and more bc

a real blog post with links to this article on msnbc about hugo and magnolia.. the accompanying email from green said that kathleen hanna had praised them, and this about body choir with video interviews about the dance experience. elke

no title

what is this? actually i think it’s pretty cool. busy week, with the editorial ‘retreat’ (at the driskill) on monday. excellent food of the chocolate croissant and chicken salad kind, and homilies from evan, jon meacham of newsweek, and, fanfare,

103 pictures of mexico

i know it is too many. but here they are anyway on flickr. The ‘buy now pay later’ option has made shopping even more fun than it ever has been unabashed reflection of the consumerist society we cheap oakleys outlet

snow and ice

big snowflakes falling outside – ice everywhere – hardly any traffic, schools and state offices shut down. chillin’ (ha ha) at home – can’t do much else. icicles on all the eaves along the back of the houses. two girls

gina’s wedding

gina’s wedding lived up to every high expectation – it was so close to the p-word that to say it was not would be high-grade niggling. a ceremony full of pomp and gravitas, ritual and happiness, a true reflection of

miami elvis

gina p’s wedding is next weekend in fort worth, an italian – argentinian match that should be – good lord, how could it not! – a whole heap of fun. so today i went to the mall, after regretfully deciding

question from daphne

I have seen the magazine with your name in print.Intrigued by the photographs of Texas.Many like the Wye Valley, so why leave home? create your first private roku channelAlthough oxidative stress and alteration of mitochondrial (mt) dynamics induced by elevated

everyone says do it

… but you don’t back up your files – and then it happens. Hard drive corruption has hit my photo library though thanks to Disk Warrior I hope I can recover the original files if not the adjustments.Anyway, no Mexico

mexico for christmas

The next morning after my headlong 15-hour drive from Real de Catorce back to Austin I could still see the colors of the town when I closed my eyes. Washing hanging on the line, the kids’ clothes, the indian jewelry


today is my birthday – worked on the mexico report (i went to real de catorce for christmas) and mexico pictures. did not go outside much but it was a beautiful day – cold and clear with amazing light. first