Month: February 2007


can’t get to sleep but that is ok! surgery today seems like it could not have gone smoother, at least so far. i can hobble around on the leg. and no pain! thanks so much to the wonderful nurses at

kev on dem’s good beeble

reposted from the Gourds list because of its shining beauty and luminosity As a co-creator of said recording I would expect it impossible to imitate. Not for reasons of impotence or loss of magnet. No, indeed, we are the same

intel no longer a building

bye bye intel building – i heard the blast lying in bed on sunday morning. the statesman has video, brian birzer took photos, and here is an old picture I took during SXSW 2002. This morning diggers were crawling and


amazing video of david bowie in rehearsal in vancouver in 1976. watch till the end. and jc took this video of a great young uk band called the enemy at the soon to be demolished hammersmith palais. you can also

life is too rich, too full to be captured by art

…so says Stephen Fry, playing a literary academic in Tristram Shandy, the valiant and almost really funny attempt to film the unfilmable starring Steve Coogan, and that is how I have been feeling lately, with so much stuff happening, some

the yogic lesson is

according to the mri i have a big-ass tear in the left meniscus. arthroscopy recommended. until then the doc says – no running, no yoga, no walking as exercise, no dancing. just lift weights. this is going to be very

anusara, the dark bob

liz and talked this evening about Christina’s teacher training. Liz talked about how brave Christina was to come into a place with such a strong kula and take a leadership role. We are all very grateful. The training was challenging,

bc and knee

doctor frosty moore says i have a torn meniscus in my left knee, something i have known for years. so i guess i am going to have the arthroscopy to try and help stave off arthritis in later years. at