Month: March 2007

april tomorrow

no joke. it’s a beautiful spring afternoon (it’s a beautiful spring, green and wet and lovely) in austin, texas, perfect weather, and i am inside working on sxsw photos, which have to be handed in next week. its ok, though,


Check this out. Spring is springing in the yard, with little yellow flowers on the willow like bush in front, and tiny purple flowers on some “weed” around the beets. headstand this am!! and a very stiff camel. watched “the


the ipod is rocking as i make guacamole for lunch… patty griffin’s new record, gourds, kt tunstall, lucinda, elvis, like it is welcoming me back. knee feels much improved today, amazingly so. even did trikonasana this morning. must take it

food and flowers

today i have been running my world from between my pink sheet and my purple comforter on my bed, laptop, phone, ice, water, and chocolate biscuits on hand. lots of love from friends, hobnobs and chicken soup, oatmeal, flowers, and

hunter thompson

1978 bbc documentary smoking on the plane and nickel beers – that’s just the journey there. building a photography business mission statementThe list of statistics describing Cleveland’s horrible season is almost endless. A complete clean out of the Browns franchise