Month: May 2007

rain, kerrville

now it is sunny memorial day afternoon and i plan to go swimming later, but earlier and last night storms kept coming through and I was glad that i came back from kerrville after only one night. in class today


sitting in flipnotics surrounded by smokers waiting to go to dance, without much to say about everything that is going on. work is intense, life is intense, the barometric pressure is up and it keeps raining. i was planning on

birth and death and in between

liz is eighteen weeks pregnant. kimbah is in the hospital with a burst appendix. amparo’s mother is dying. i’m meeting a friend for dinner tonight, and another for coffee tomorrow. beginnings and endings and surprises. my mother says she is

ice cream social sunday

there really is a type of music called turbo folk. it was mentioned in passing in a story in Outside. the fast show comes to life. sundays can easily be such a social day, with body choir and then today

art in the hideout

the hideout (where i go for my triple decaf soy latte, yes, that is me) has wonderful art which makes most everybody who looks at it smile. in several large canvases, the artist has overlaid cheesy landscapes – a forest

the end of the immersion – an amazing week

after mary’s workshop and the acupuncture session the week continued on an upwards personal bent. The GA gave me the name of his therapist and so I figured if it was good enough for him… so on wednesday i had

parivritta parsvakonasana

better than sex? probably not, but pretty good. Best Sports games for PC are also awesome because if you are a supporter of an team you can compete to other teams like in real life. For example: If you are

soften, surrender, and trust

I saw Olivia this morning at the office of the Great Acupuncturist, now probably upgraded to simply Great Man. It was apposite because i had been talking about the trip we had all taken to Friendswood, Texas, to see Mary,