Month: June 2007


so today, despite more flash flood warnings, it seems as though summer is here, and the huge rains of the last few days were perhaps the last big tears from texas’ soul. LCRA has this great page of aerial videos


more rain and more rain, i am watching downtown soaked being soaked again. i love it and am grateful, but it is almost as though we do not live in Texas any more. We have been moved to some strange

park city to austin

so my sense of separateness lifted (finally) on friday morning. by pre-arrangement all the participants sat in meditation before john’s arrival, and when he entered he joined us and we sat together in what felt like deep communion before the

austin to park city

i did not go to the new facilitator meeting on the last wednesday of the month, instead i went to see a friend in a performance piece based on her life at a theater out on airport. the piece was