Month: March 2008


from jacksboro (no internet, no pizza) to fort worth on a sunny sunday morning. north-west fort worth is very pretty – wooded, hilly, and all spring green right now. drove around feeling great, looking at the park below Lake Worth,


Cold morning in Vernon. Talked to j, cold in goliad too. Old farmer, overalls, cap, carhartt jacket in wellington filling up an old massey-ferguson. “No, it’s not that old, it’s a ’65.” “It’s still a goin’ Jessie.” More country radio,


crazy long malibu smooth ride to vernon on the way north. jamming to the texas country radio that j don’t like, that’s ok. nice to see fort worth, even wichita falls. smooth night driving. late start this am – cold

here we go again

betrayed, angry, sad. no excuse for yelling at me.“he likes to be in control” – alec’s report of kristen.i feel like my life and marriage is being conducted in a fishbowl. do not feel any support. Iconix management is aggressively


bailed on sxsw this year, my fifteenth or something, after a couple of days of interactive and film panels to go to texarkana with jjj to visit boots, and prepare her for the move to austin. it was a nice

sxsw #1

random sighting of richard thompson. helen hunt, heard as i walked out of her panel. “you can’t truly know love until you have dealt with betrayal.” god, i hope not. Panini, an Italian comics and collectibles company, has been producing

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no surprise is still the best bar in austin, where the scary looking people (“I played reading in the jim rose circus”) make you feel so very welcome, and norwegian people talk to you, and a burger, two beers, and

election day

after stoppard’s rock and roll, worth noting that on this election day there are no guns, tanks, police in the streets, demonstrations, etc. we are lucky. though hillary seems to be gaining on barack in texas. hmmm. ceo discusses q4


my fragile heart holds on and hopefully gets stronger. we talked about michael this morning – j wrote him to make amends, part of the 12-step process, and he responded with a demand for a public apology and a threat


we went to nyc, stayed with gretchen and bea, saw green and mollee, and hugo, and had a really nice time. saw courbet at the met, and rock’n’roll at jacob’s theater. on sunday we shopped for shoes. the courbet show