Month: April 2008

i love this picture

from the stock show last year at fort worth. former england coach joins leinster coaching team after dismal world cup showingOn the start, make your first step powerful by driving your strong leg into the ground, cheap football jerseys explosively

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good god

why did mike think that this was an appropriate message to send out to everybody? I have first and second degree burns on my body. This is extremely painful for me, and frustrating. My sunburn took a turn for the

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town lake

great to be up and out on a beautiful spring morning. met with raghurai and walked with luann around town lake and caught up with news on holly, miles and kelly, etc. kelly is planning on spending 6 months in

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oh god, i’m a twittering on facebook. downloaded parcel of rogues by steeleye span from emusic from 1973. sudden flashback to being fifteen years old at the old rectory. Indians’ owner, Richard Jacobs, is counting on the team’s on field

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resentful, hurt… quick notes

larry – resentment is eating poison and waiting for the other person to die. nevertheless, here we go. larry says…. jodi perceives me as her mother – initially i responded that way i perceived her to be my mother. this

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at work, at home, in my head. no time. looking artworks that were really tough to pull offCreate a lighted decoration for any holiday with a gallon glass jar, craft foam, hot glue gun, glass or Baratas Ray Ban

since friday

after a difficult week we had a good session with jen, back on some kind of even keel, and it is good, though not yet solid ground, says j. when will that happen? she doesn’t want to dance with me

italy, etc

not italy, tx. here’s the plan, I think makes sense. fly to rome, drive to perugia and assissi, then to pisa and viareggio (remembering my blissful vacation there nearly 30 years ago) and then to cinque terre. friday with jen.

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danny federici and chris gaffney

very sad news. 40 years with bruce. there’s a great video on the springsteen site. and also sadly, Chris Gaffney, with whom I have shared a stage. soft c in federici. 2. Three stars in one. The star in Aries

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feeling today – hopeful. music on the way to work – “the only way out is through” from alanis, then later (a sparkly pop surprise) “this way is out” from glaxo babies. compare and contrast. then bob, “4th time around”

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