Month: May 2008

hard but good

trust love, trust love. trying hard to let her be her. without any comment. Items to celebrate anniversaries or memorable events, or to honor or commemorate individuals, such as helmet decals, and arm bands and jersey patches on players’

mary, session 4

how deep, how profound, how wonderful. the teachings this weekend were amazing, rules for life that we as yogis, says mary, must strive to live by, and certainly they have helped me turn a corner. she is coming back in

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been great, so great, and then this afternoon out of nowhere the blues hit. question is, can i control it, should i tell her. nick was putting in a new bath this morning. To acquire images with the GDx VCC,

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huntsville, again

hip young people in the starbucks (remember, the one in kyle was playing mustt, mustt!) green tea, night-time now, you are dancing. drove to lampasas, hancock springs not open till memorial day, to georgetown, blue hole closed because of flooding,

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Del rio, swimming, pussy consciousness

Actually bracketville, swimming at fort clark, the barton springs of hwy 90. Palm trees, cypress strange trapezoidal pool, cleaned on Thursdays. Pretty oasis in the flat mesquite ranchland. “When you cross Las Moras creek, your sins are washed away,” says

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her turn… “i’m so tired of meeting your needs.” what i heard… i have to verbalize my needs and take care of myself, but i have to ask you what you want and take care of you. if i were