Month: November 2008


love this picture of alec, and this of abby. cropping closer these days looks good to me. older pictures could be cropped closer. 7 kama sutra sex tips that will put you in the hospitalAlmost every other part of American

sunday, overcast fall day like home

Amber, green, gold and red trees, all the colors of brown make a beautiful fall. soft reverby music, a quieter jesus and mary chain. the man with the terrier puppy and the hard vacant face of a torturer or Vladimir

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was it for her Thanks, Marlene, and good morning, everyone. This is really an exciting time at Comcast, and I’m delighted to report first quarter results that mark cheap ray bans a terrific start to 2011. Cable had an outstanding

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so hard

why do i want what i do not have and when i stand to lose it, i want it worse. why can’t i just walk away from jodi. The ad is a metaphor for how Intel’s new processors are super

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workshop with karl frost, small wild hair fun and friendly at a gym on campus, a great space with a windows and light. micah, brucie, ginger, ernesto, lizzie, etc, lots of genuine hi’s and hullos and a transcendental day. remember

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no teaching in the spring on thursdays – that feels good i am so tired. jodi and i are either at the end…. seems very bleak. though once again, i was so not wanting to come back to this house,

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