Month: December 2008

paper + 1

tired… could sleep for a thousand years, as the song goes. right wrist fucked. In addition to your pretty tea towels and cloth napkins, you’ll Replica Oakley Sunglasses want to keep a stack of cleaning towels or microfiber cloths on

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in which i talk more than jodi Like any good myth, the tale of the Crucified Soldier somehow got worse and worse with each retelling. The Toronto Star claimed he’d been bayoneted over sixty times. When a British Minister raised

christmas 2008/anniversary 1

today is our anniversary. what a year. jodi said this morning that when the student is ready the teacher appears, but so many times i feel that the lesson is too hard, if i indeed know what it is. even

at home

alone, she has gone shopping, we are making plans, figuring out how to be alone together. trying to give her space. cold rainy day. Don’t keep working a horse oakley sunglasses outlet that’s puffing and panting it’s not fair. Instead,

the lightness and heaviness

of marriage. felt that as i drove from class to pick up jodi. she was knee-to-knee with sg, but when i came up she hugged and said she had been bragging on me, very loving. we had a nice weekend,

love, again

text message, very sweet. session with susan long yesterday, talked about hurt i feel when she goes on what is, basically, a date with tom giebink, and , lo and behold, susan validates me. ok, so Bernard wants to be

dad, snoopy and annie

From Dad:  Dear Charlie, Jodi and Leo, Hi! – Life continues quietly at Longmeadow, I’m pleased to report. Linn’s in Bristol this morning, watching a grandson in a Nativity Play and doing some Christmas shopping. I’m sitting at her computer

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giebink and sex

she wants to have coffee or see a movie with him. it’s just interest, i know that, thought this reads like a set-up to me. bothers me, though. beautiful night last night on the couch watching schindler’s list the three

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wonderful breakfast with mary pat at casa, on a cold welsh morning that makes me feel at hoime and long for home. we talked about relationship, how hard it is, yoga, mary, jodi, frank. how to look after yourself in


cold outside, hotter than hell at work, my skin is cracking and itching. MRSA stands for Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria that are responsible for the emergence of difficult skin infections. These bacteria belong to the family of ‘Staphylococcus