Month: January 2009


January 27, 2009 Dear Immersion Participants, Thank you for your participation in our first immersion weekend. I have been reflecting on our time together and the wonderful insights that you all shared at our first session. You each communicated with

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paper + 29

work, love, ok, leo, busy, boys, tv, remember lunch, remember you. next chapter in the nick riewoldt storyJudges have an obligation to uphold these principles, and therefore judge Geoffrey Nettle was well within his rights to issue the suppression order

jacob weisberg at the editorial retreat

about jacob. he wrote this. long form journalism does not work online – 1000 words max. are magazines and newspapers fundamentally different? magazines have done a disappointing job online. they care about the print product. web advertising can be a

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The Sovereignty and the Goodness of God, Together with the Faithfulness of His Promises Displayed

by Liz Waldner   In the beginning there was a meanness and it spread.   Perhaps I absorbed it, so that whatever I saw was filtered through the meanness.   I don’t mean “stingy,” stinginess, as do British novelists, by

paper + 10

susan long nailed what happens between me and jodi – she is often emotionally unavailable to me. that is what happened at the new year’s party. she won’t just share in my joy. honestly she just does not seem that

paper + 9

she rolls her eyes when i ask if we can spend tomorrow morning together. quick recovery and agreement, but it is there. it hurts. yes, i want to have sex with you. i always will, i hope. i have changed

new year 2009 (half-century)

we left on the 30th and drove to fort davis listening to anatomy of deception on the cd. a fun medical detective story set in the nineteenth century that we listened to on the road. jodi loved to have it on and i