Month: February 2009


let’s say a happy day. things turn around. best lo let things go. fun at annie and snoopy’s. Conventional fundus cameras19,20,21,22,23,24 and adaptive optics25,26,27 have been explored for IOS imaging. However, reliable mapping of fast IOSs that have time courses


would be so nice if you said – god i can see you are going to be exhausted, there are so many other ways i can thank the cast, i will cancel the party. but no – you can stay

paper + 56

down again – and no help from you. lou says form Thich Nat Han – “I see you are suffering, how can help you.” I only get the first from you. Yes, I need to be petter and nurtutred by

paper + 54

linn’s mom died. in her nineties, a stroke. she is ‘sober’ says dad. emotional sad this am. always get this way when jodi is tired, “spent” unavailable. but still her arms around otis and i have to ask for them


feel like my heart has been ripped out. feel like i really fucked up. lost the true connection that i had. i remember kayaking with you on town lake after we broke up and after dede and just thinking how

god goats koalas – paper + 50

the graffiti in the bathroom at bouldin creek. sitting here after the first swim of the year and the first high-dive ever at barton springs. your ass. the way it feels when i hold it when we make love. the

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