Month: November 2010


a fresh pack a new tahoesilver light shines on the smoking nursessuck it in move forwardlumbering and frighteneddark glasses lost breath

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just seem to be failing to connect to anyone today


In my dream Hamlet was Swedish. Nothing was different, except that Hamlet was Swedish, and so everything was wrong.


My intention is for a mutually exclusive romantic relationship based on respect, affection, and sexual attraction.

Today’s plans

Migas, care for Kalyani, East Austin Studio Tour, Costco, the Relatives, Bad Rodeo. Ambitious.


Scary misty ride from Nissan to Torchy’s. Trashy trailer park and dirty Sanchez. Beautiful patio not captured effectively in this photo. Love you all. Being scared is a step to knowing God.

not much avail

Up early to not much avail. Nissan service would take too long, Post Office not open till 8:30! Beautiful morning sun glinting on downtown towers.


Hey, let’s just forget and fuck, you know it’s always fun. What does it mean to have this one inside you? I mean, there’s been a few. Release or more entanglement? Not one without the other.

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Push Notification

Up at 4. Meditation interrupted by push notification from Chase bank informing of overdraft because mortgage company double drafted. Yay. Folded clothes, went through UK pics for first pics. Downloaded John Friend’s primer. Answers profound questi…


Back from two weeks in the uk. Forgot my phone number. Trash in the front yard. Someone has stolen the lizard knocker.