Month: January 2011

bastrop state park

After all, we’ve seen Bruce Willis get shot like five or six times in four movies, so clearly you can shrug off a couple of slugs. Rapper 50 Center got shot nine times and lived to rap another day.


yoga. coffee. chcolate croissant. teach yoga. whole foods. offshoot. western way. me no song. angry birds. whole foods. make love yoga poster. cook dinner. bed soon. want chocolate.


sitting in the offshoot while Peter cami Kerri william run through inbsh parts. rainy cold day outside. stuffed with hot mama’s curry chicken salad and toffee chocolate oatmeal cookie. too much food. Kirsche was there talking about the class she h…

more tired

up late last night dt stuff with Tom and Debbie drove her home to Stassney bed after midnight. up early for class. 4 people! long difficult day at work. sam’s class at castle hill, expensive interlude at their cafe, exhausted at rehearsal.


necessity of games and sportsAnd if the world at large doesn’t shoot a footballer’s opinions down, then the world of sport certainly will. The QPR midfielder Karl Henry found himself accused of being a class traitor by Stan


cbs eyes productive year from pro football collaborationDefine the ethical issues involved. The Computing Cases website states that when deciding on a course of action you may have to consider quality of life issues, the use or abuse of power,


cold and tired at the offshoot. we hunt the lion sounds good. beer run across the street to Muchos. listening to blue heron’s recording of Hugh Aston’s Marian antiphons, an Alex Ross recommendation from the New Yorker. Most expensive cup of coffee…


As celebrity fashion endorsements go, Jennifer Lawrence partnership with Dior is one of Hollywood most high profile; the French brand got in on the ground floor, so to speak, and it has dressed Jennifer for nearly every high profile occasion


McCoy was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 85th wholesale football jerseys pick in the 2010 NFL draft. During his college days at the University of Texas, McCoy earned quite a reputation for himself by essentially breaking all of


24/7 Wall St. has identified the major government actions and private lawsuits directed at companies on the basis of “deceptive practices,” or false advertising. In order to be considered, a product had to be involved in some major action (a