Month: April 2013


Day 1: Dallas, Night Hotel that wasn’t a Wyndham, Jette, Adam with the van. Day 2: Delayed flight to Santiago, foggy airport, Holiday Inn Santiago Airport, soup/salad, drink, bed. Day 3: Delayed flight to Punta Arenas, Gatsby’s, cold wait at

If it’s any good, someone wants to burn the book you are reading. Pablo Neruda was carried to his grave in a black Ford Zephyr station wagon. I remember the first one I saw, as a child, and it seemed

Perfect and happy, like dachsunds dancing. Chambers’ goal in Doha is the 60m Cheap Jerseys from china gold medal. He goes into the heats tomorrow morning ranked second, cheap football jerseys china with a season’s best of 6.50sec 0.01sec