Month: December 2013

RIP Roddy Fuller

His heart: 60. A large jump in pay due to overtime, receiving a big raise or getting a bonus can shove you into a higher tax bracket. Suppose your gross wages were $800 with taxable wages of $646.16 one

Hannah and her Sisters.

Hannah and her Sisters. Unbelievably great, still in love with Barbara Hershey. I think this was the first movie I experienced as a true adult, in terms of the vagaries of live and love. And the background! New York in

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Playing chess with people who probably aren’t playing chess task planner online. fogo ceo larry johnson on q4 2015 resultsTo account for this, Altmetric has included the context data for articles of a “similar age” (published within 6 weeks of


Can’t be in a relationship: I’m waiting for my parents to die, so I can feel truly alone. Now he’s got a knee injury, he’s going Wholesale Jerseys to be out another six weeks. He is one of the

City Lights Over the past few years, the NFL has tried to step up its efforts to protect its current players, and there’s been a re shifted focus on playing the game safer to avoid a host of long lasting head

New Pornography – 2010

Twin Cinema’s frenetically magnificent pop robotik-spiced with just enough math and glam-is making me even happier than it ever has before. Crank up the Bleeding Heart Show and go. I am also 18 weeks preg and at 16 weeks had


My LA room-mate grew up in Lake Charles, LA. One of my oldest friends’ grand-daughter was just born in Lake Charles, LA. A yoga teacher I greatly admire wasn’t at his class this week in LA because his wife just

Orpheus at the second gate of Hades, by Yusef Komunyakaa

My lyre has fallen & broken, but I have my little tom-toms. Look, do you see those crows perched on the guardhouse? I don’t wish to speak of omens but sometimes it’s hard to guess. Life has been good the

My hero, by Jennifer Michael Hecht

It’s O.K. to keep hearing your worries, so long as you stop talking to them. Shun them like a double-crossed Quaker. Imagine how quiet it would be, like shutting off the droning ocean. That’s how our parasites must feel about

October 14, 2012 near Austin, TX

Maximilian sunflowers blooming all over the Hill Country. how i would change thanksgivingI am a huge wholesale jerseys MMA fan. I have enjoyed watching the sport evolve and how the athletes have become more and more talented. This would debunk