Month: September 2014


Is there a song that expresses the feeling of holding the first Manhattan in an empty Japanese hotel bar at 8pm on a Friday evening like Aladdin Sane? buy a reflections inspiration friendship necklaceGM Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher

Uruguay 4th – 20th Sep

Eucalyptus trees. Tero birds (Southern lapwing). Endless campos y estancias. Rolling hills, not quite even rolling. Palm trees and palmyras close to Punta del Diablo. Wandering around Montevideo. Slightly seedy — dog shit, broken sidewalks, a general port air, think

Sunday in MVD

I cannot not express my happiness at today’s calm and beautiful unfolding. Started with coffee at the McDonalds’ to a brief look at Mass, then a visit to the Museo de Carnaval. A sunny bright brisk day, with lovely light on

Arte Constructivo

En el arte constructivo, la linea es independiente, porque antes de servir al esquema geométrico (la representación esquemática de una cosa) sirve al conjunto de la composición. De ahí que la linea conserve su máxima expresión, y al mismo tempo