Month: February 2016

Rolling Stones


I left my pea coat on Salt Spring Island

Victoria in the last afternoon light. The Empress Hotel. The Clipper’s speed. Waving to the people on the breakwater. Jericho hacking Google and living in a bus at Phoenix Farm after gambling away half a million dollars and curing himself

100 ways to kneel and kiss the ground

cusp of worlds what tools to give to enter these worlds. name the floor. sing the floor’s name. let the image come alive don’t pantomime the image I want to do to you what the springtime does to cherry trees

Mount Erskine

another mountain top and view more salty tears to share with you, not you I wanted to kiss for hours on that park bench in Paris


Beautiful sunrise. Shame I’m in such a shitty mood. Mostly thinking about how shitty people are to each other and how little God/Nature/other people care.